4 QUEENS (Short Film) - Circulating Film Festivals

24 Aug

Diving into the dark underground world of human trafficking, this fictional rollercoaster gives viewers a taste of what life is like for the victims of this harsh reality. Each character has their position in this criminal network but one is hiding something. 

After 10 challenging shoot days, the team are now piecing the story together in the editing suite. While this has been one of the more challenging shoots to date, it has also been one of the most enjoyable- bringing new members of cast and crew together to create visual excellence. Shooting had to be put on standby due to the pandemic crisis but it gave the team time to analyse all the footage from the initial three shoot days, and come back armed and ready to capture the rest. 

4 Queens is expected to do the rounds in film festivals all over the world and will be ready for release some time in 2021.

Written & Directed by:  Will Masheter

Co-Director:  Hugo Andre

Co-writer:  Tevin Sahota

Producers:  Lucas A. Ferrara, Will Masheter, Colette Brown & Dylan Vivian

Executive Producers: Tevin Sahota, Dragos Bejanaru & Kent Goldfinch

1st AD:  Zak Watson-Smith

DOP:  Dylan Vivian

First AC:  Ted & Flo Skinner

Script Supervisor: Iesha Asker

Sound:  Archie Jennings & Atom Niroumand Morton

Score:  Archie Jennings 

Editor:  Dylan Vivian

SFX:  Georgia & Damicka Kiasatina

Makeup:  Georgia English & Damicka Kiasatina

Set Design:  Filipe Daniel Cabrita 

Locations:  Colette Brown

Staring (In order of appearance):  Dimeji Ewuoso, Iesha Asker, Zak Watson-Smith, Will Masheter, Tevin Sahota, Kent Goldfinch, Dragos Bejanaru, Daniel Cabrita & Holly Cattle

Brought to you by:  RED BLAZER PRODUCTIONS 

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