MAKEUP (Feature Film) - Circulating Film Festivals

23 Aug

When two people are brought together from completely different walks of life, it can make for awkward circumstances, especially when they both have their secrets. As time goes on and events unfold, an unlikely friendship is formed through the hidden personalities of each character.

Filming began early 2020 with the majority of the film being shot before the pandemic crisis. The proof of concept is there and the more ambitious shoot days and locations are yet to come once the team are able to secure funding to complete the film. 

Written & Directed by:  Hugo André

Co-writer:  Will Masheter

Executive Producer:  Lucas A. Ferrara

Producer:  Hugo André, Will Masheter, Paul Andrews

DOP:  Dylan Vivan 

First AC:  Flo Goodlad-Skinner

Second AC: Teddy Skinner

Sound Designer:  Atom Inions Morton

Music Composer:  Archie Jennings

Makeup:  Georgia English, Alesia Baiocco

Locations:  Dylan Vivian

Staring (In order of appearance):  Hugo André, Will Masheter

Brought to you by:  RED BLAZER PRODUCTIONS 

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