If not Freedom (Short Film) - Circulating Film Festivals


A contemporary story that depicts the beauty and fragility of love when two unlikely souls collide. Myra & Igansi, both from different walks of life but both in search of freedom, meet at the edge of their imbalance and set each other free in the effortless dance of their mesmeric connection. Submitting to the idea of being saved by love comes with its risks, especially when that love is forbidden.


Written and directed by Will Masheter, this silent film delves into the perspectives of two people who are displaced in their current worlds and find balance in each other. Restrained by elements working against them, the characters experience issues surrounding mental health, alcoholism and the effects cultural demands can have on a person when they’re weighed down with expectations. Divided by institutions that keep us disconnected from the freedom of living, the essence of the film is that love doesn’t recognise borders, nationalities or race. In an effort to reconnect people to their source emotion and to encourage people to listen to the voice within rather than be consumed by external opinions and societal demands, Will has created a vehemence in this artistic silent fiction.


After listening to a piece of music numerous times, Immanuel by Tony Anderson, Will set upon writing a story that could accompany Andersons euphoric work that had him captivated. After nearly two years of writing, will completed the screen play and pre-production began. The film itself was shot in three blocks of four days, from spring leading into the summer. The ambitious nature of the film came from the various natural locations it would take to complete the project. The crew started shooting in London, doing all interior house & van scenes with help from Producer Debi Schofield. With the initial days done, it gave the Red Blazer team some material to use to raise the second block of funds, where Producer Yinhua Lu helped the production move to the Peak District. A day was spent at a water stage (Under The Water Media) to shoot the under water scenes with both lead actors. Finally, with the help of Four of Wands Productions, the crew were able to book the final five days in Cornwall to conclude the project. The film is currently in editing and due for release on the festival circuit in early November.