Soul Forest (Short Film) - Complete

Red Blazer Productions have been working on Soul Forest (a high quality Short Film) since November of 2018. Soul Forest is out now!

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4 QUEENS (Short Film) - In Post-Production

Shooting for 4 Queens began in early 2020 and wrapped at the end of summer. A highly anticipated action drama from Red Blazer- working with the biggest cast & crew to date.

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MAKEUP (Feature Film) - In Production

Our first feature film, still in production, draws out the lighter and more comedic side of the directing pair, whilst still maintaining levels of drama.

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Redress (Short Film) - In Production

Redress has been in production since January 2019- with filming taking place in both Czech Republic and the UK.

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Whether it be a dystopian fiction, a piece of factual history or a present day setting; our writing has stunned our viewers due to its quirky originality & carefully thought out screenplay visions.


We offer a professional photography service whether it be for behind the scenes, personal portfolio images, fashion or events photography.


We have a team of Editors with 10+ years' experience in narrative and commercial editing. We edit all of our own content as well as external work that comes in.