Soul Forest (Short Film) - Released

Written and Directed by Hugo Andre (one of the company Directors), Soul Forest takes on an ambitious storyline set in a dystopian future. It follows four main characters who have been placed into a realistic Virtual Simulation as part of a new programme for prison inmates seeking parole. The Simulation is a test of their behavioural issues and characteristics in hope that the programme can more accurately determine whether inmates are suitable for rehabilitation into a functioning society.

Written & Directed by:  Hugo André

Co-writer:  Will Masheter

First AD:  Jamie Haynes

Producer:  Hugo André

DOP:  Hugo André

Camera Operator:  Hugo André & Tom Walder

First AC:  Jonathan Demelkon & Stephanie Zapolska

Gaffer:  Werner Van Peppen & Richard Allen

Sound:  Max Cambridge & Matthew Jones

Editor:  Hugo Andre

Music:  Artlist 

Makeup:  Mia Jimenez

Locations:  APAM Ltd

Starring (In order of appearance):  Will Masheter, Shona O’Sullivan, Teddy Lewis, Dimeji Ewuoso & Jamie Haynes

Executive Producers:  Amelia Martell, Chris Martell, Stephanie Martell, Cettina Robinson, Joshua Smart, Annie Laquiere, Maelle Fontaine, Jose Jimenez, Elisabeth Jimenez, Gabriel Lambert-Laurent, Elisabeth Laquiere-Michel, Marie-Claude Roche, Antionette Bellavia, Laure Lambert-Laurent

Brought to you by:  RED BLAZER PRODUCTIONS

List of Awards and Nominations:

  • Winner - Best Editing (Europe Film Festival)
  • Winner - Best Original Idea (Top Indie Film Awards)
  • Winner - Best Short Film (Filmeraa International Film Festival)
  • Winner - Best Experimental Film (CKF International Film Festival)
  • Special Mention (London X4 Film Festival)
  • Official Selection (Wifi Film Festival)
  • Official Selection (Genre Celebration Festival)
  • Official Selection (Screen Power Film Festival)
  • Official Selection (First-Time Filmmaker Showcase)
  • Nominee - Best Short (Top Indie Film Awards)
  • Nominee - Best Writing (Top Indie Film Awards)
  • Nominee - Best Cinematography (Top Indie Film Awards)
  • Nominee - Best Music (Top Indie Film Awards)
  • Nominee - Best Sound (Top Indie Film Awards)
  • Nominee - Best Twist (Top Indie Film Awards)